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Animal Therapy

One of the most important services we offer is therapeutic services for individuals suffering from high anxiety, depression or PTSD. Individuals with insecure attachment styles also benefit from animal therapy services. Alpacas are an amazing animal to offer services due to their innate calm demeanor and need for stillness and mindful presence.

Welcome to Fluffy Honey Farm, a haven where excellence in alpaca breeding converges with the soothing embrace of therapeutic intervention. Beyond our dedication to breeding excellence, many of our alpacas are specially bred for therapeutic services, their gentle nature and calming presence offering solace to those seeking a respite from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you're seeking a companion for therapeutic interactions or simply yearning for some respite, our farm provides an oasis of calm where the gentle hum of nature intertwines with the rhythmic heartbeat of our alpacas. We are a small farm and because our focus on mainly therapeutic, we offer limited cria or fiber quality alpacas from time to time. We will maintain small farm numbers in order to continue our focus on therapeutic interventions.

Fluffy Honey Farm is an up and coming farm focused on breeding high quality alpacas for fine fiber arts as well as calm and friendly demeanors for therapy. Alpaca are an underrated ideal therapeutic animal. They are docile, gentle and intuitive. Alpaca require mindfulness and calm in order to gain trust and develop a bond with them. In this capacity, alpaca can help individuals learn calming and mindfulness skills in their lives, which studies have shown help individuals lower stress and anxiety in their daily lives. These gentle, calm creatures can also help create bonding and safety for individuals who have suffered traumatic incidents in their lives. Alpaca are a great resource for individuals interested and in need of bonding and calming services within mental health therapeutic sessions. The evidence on benefits of animal assisted therapy is staggering, with the majority of studies focusing on those with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Autism and Sensory Processing challenges.

Fluffy Honey Farm is not just a farm, it's a philosophy—a commitment to breeding for excellence and a dedication to the therapeutic power of alpacas. Come experience the harmonious blend of nature's beauty and the sublime elegance of alpacas at Fluffy Honey Farm; where every step is a stride towards excellence, and every visit is an invitation to let your worries melt away.

Fluffy Honey Farm Tours

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Come and enjoy spending time with alpacas!

Alpacas are unique livestock animals. They are curious and shy and sometimes allow for pets and hugs.

Learn about the process and responsibilities of raising alpacas and what a day in the life of an alpaca farm entails.

Learn about the process of shearing and fiber production from alpacas.
Best of all, take a look at some of our alpacas yarn that we have to offer. See the process from fleece to yarn in action. We have yarn that is personal to the alpaca, you can see Dany or Ivy or Izzy in person and take home their yarn too!

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